Les Vosges Petite France



The Vosges are little mountains in the North-East of France, West of the Alsace region. Historically, a very rich region since two world wars were fought because of these mountains.

Many reasons to go there :

  • A lot to see from the sky. Hundreds of castles, (some ruined,) still top hills and mountains. Lakes and rivers.
  • Beautiful villages and cities.
  • Airports very conveniently located. Strasbourg Neuhof and Colmar Houssen are not farther than 3 km from downtown :
Neuhof has a grass strip and a low pattern so that you don't have to cross the German border to fly it. The approach to runway 18 is quite unusual with a 8% final, because of buildings and trees just in the last part of the approach. If you plan to spend a night in Strasbourg (you should, the city is really beautiful and worth a visit), it is better not to leave your aircraft parked outside. The airfield is located in an insecure part of the city. Ask one of the local flying clubs (aeroclub, gliderclub...) if they can put your aircraft in their hangar. You could use the international airport, Strasbourg Entzheim, as an alternate with a shuttle bus taking you to the city centre. Beware, I remind you that Strasbourg Neuhof is one of six airports requiring a fax to tell them you will be using it even for domestic VFR flights. (This seems to have been changed a little. Check the Notams.)
Colmar has a hard runway, the city is also very beautiful, there is a restaurant on the airfield. A very good choice to fly above the Vosges. Moreover, it is located in the center of the Alsacian vineyard, specialised in white wines. Colmar is currently threatened by neighbours complaining about noise, so please try to avoid overflying the houses as much as possible (one of the final approach is above the city.)
  • Food is very good in this region, and if money is not a problem, you will find several 3 stars Michelin restaurants in the area. (Strasbourg and Illhausern)

Be careful, even if they are not as high as the Alps, les Vosges are mountains with a specific aerology. Don't fly too low, especially when crossing a ridge. They produce downdraughts and even waves above Alsace when a strong wind comes from the West (which is frequent).

The weather today in Alsace :

Information about Strasbourg Neuhof, provided by nav3000:

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