Here is what I say :


Neuhof de F-GCAV bonjour.

DR400 en provenance de St Yan à destination de vos installations,actuellement au point Echo à 2000ft QFE. Je me reporte travers Est du terrain à 1500ft QFE avant intégration en vent arrière pour la 36.


For sure, understanding spoken French is more difficult than reading it. But you know, I have the same problem with aeronautical English ;o)

A few remarks :
Actually, instead of "Foxtrot", I say "Fox". I know I shouldn't, but F is so often used on the radio in France because of our call-signs that most pilots abbreviate it. For the same reason (we are lazy, ain't we), we skip the Q of QFE and say "Fox Echo" instead of "Quebec Foxtrot Echo". The short version is what I say in this recorded message.

Again, don't cheat. You're now safely seated on a chair standing on the ground. Imagine what would happen if you had to understand such a message in a noisy environment, with the workload of an approach to do.

It's up to you to decide. If you feel confident enough, then you're in for just any airfield in France.