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JR -
15-01-2006 14:50:47 []
Hello, Very nice site. Like to hear from everyone who enjoys flying in France. JR

Frans Schrijvers -
25-09-2005 17:09:14 []
Temporarily stationed in France jour site provided me with the right info to enable a quick launch into French airspace.

Kazuo Hata -
08-08-2005 15:13:54 []
Hallo aviator! I am flying all over the world. I am staying in Duesseldorf at present. My business trip to Valenciennes from Moenchengaldback by my c172, I cross Netherlands, Belgium and France. Quit busy to talk with controller, but everyone is kind and frendly. Your site is very helpful.

Ron Turner -
28-07-2005 10:34:21 []
We have flown to France from England several times, and always enjoyed it. Now we are retired and live here at the Atlantic Air Park in The Vendee. We think we are the luckiest people in the world to have been able to bring our old Cessna 172, back home to France where it was made, and to sit in itw own hangar next to the house. Your web site will help us to enjoy life to the full.
Thank you. Ron and Janette.

Dirk Van den Brandt -
05-07-2005 08:59:20 []
I fly regurlarly into France and your website is of great help. Keep up the good work!

Ruben -
01-07-2005 20:20:57 []
Great help for me this site. Was always a little scared on going VFR to France. Feel really confident after COMPLETELY reading your site. Thanx!

Jeff Lowe -
01-06-2005 00:13:02 []
Excellent site I am planning my third trip to France June 2005 and still learning about this interesting country. I have landed at Quiberon before and your comment about the ladies on the beach is very funny, staring too long though might result in a "hard landing."

Florence Billot -
24-05-2005 18:47:37 []
Merci Thierry for this great site. I was wondering how to switch my US PPL into a French one if I ever come back to live in France... I guess I'll have to pass the Theory exam as well as be checked out by a FE. O well... C'est la vie! Merci encore, it's great info!

Mathieu -
20-04-2005 16:51:45 []
I am planning my first flight to france with a helicopter. Very good site.

Ian Quinn -
14-04-2005 16:07:36 []
Great site - thank you very much. Will be taking my C180 from the UK to France for a look around this summer and have found the site very helpful.

Rajesh Vaidheeswarran - sorry-web-harvesting
07-04-2005 06:20:38 []
I forgot to mention one thing. You might want to add information about how to get a non-France PPL validated, since I learnt that that was a requirement. Here's some information if that helps To fly and rent an airplane registered in France, Licence validation To obtain Private Licence Private (or professional) licence (airplane, single engine) can be temporarily and simply validated without exams for a private licence, for private flights on French registered airplanes. To obtain from USA french validation of your US private licence you have to send to: A l'attention de Madame LUNEAU Service des Licences District aeronautique Ile deFrance ORLY SUD 108 94396 ORLY AEROGARES CEDEX following documents: - 2 identity photos - copy of your private licence - copy of valid medical certificate - copy of your passport's identity page - an french address

Rajesh Vaidheeswarran - sorry-web-harvesting
07-04-2005 06:14:57 []
This site is very good and informative. I started reading it thinking I will gather all the information needed to fly in France. Unfortunately, after reading it, I'm not sure I can comfortably fly in France. I don't speak or understand French. Another thing that (most) US pilots want to see is rental places and rates. The FNA website, completely in French, didn't quite help me (even with Google's translation service, due to the forms-based search.) One thing that could help some of us outsiders is, a writeup giving a glimpse of what French cross-country flying feels like. Cross-border anecdotes would help too. Thank you

Günter -
31-03-2005 14:27:02 []
your site is bookmarked!

Robert Hubbard -
21-03-2005 14:30:01 []
You have provided a very useful site which has assisted as we prepare for travelling through europe en-route to the 2005 Jersey Air Rally.

07-03-2005 06:45:00 []
Funny, interresting, nice, ... this is your blog

07-03-2005 06:34:03 []
I have bookmarked you yet!!!!

Stephan -
05-03-2005 22:58:34 []
Bonjour, you did very good job providing all this useful information for foreign pilots. It will be a great help for my first trip to eastern France in about two weeks...

Peter -
15-02-2005 21:22:47 []
Super site Thierry - absolutely the best for French VFR flight.

Jeff -
07-02-2005 17:45:28 []
Hi, I have just returned from a week in Courchevel wher I combined a week skiing with acheiving my "site authorisation". Really interesting flying and a great experience. I plan to return in March in my C182. Thanks for the site - a great source of info.. Regards Jeff

Julian W. -
09-10-2004 15:33:39
Thierry, Thank you so much for your effort! One does not build a website like this overnight. Much appreciated. You should open a Pypal account so we can send a small thank you in the form of a donation. (sorry, no e-mail/last name due to web-harvesters)

Bob Gilchrist -
15-08-2004 00:09:48
Gosh! Stumbled acros your site when planning to fly to Vallee du Lot. It is more than I hoped to find. Thanks you so much. You should have a place to send donations to help support the good work. Bob

James Black -
10-07-2004 00:47:50
Excellent informative site which will help me in the planning of my trip from Peterborough to Malaga -- you should set one up for Spain too!!

Peter -
04-06-2004 17:41:44
It's very nice to fly in France, but not this weekend! They will shoot you down! See:

Alan Ferguson -
03-06-2004 21:32:21
Thanks for the site. You cant have too much info.

Malcolm -
29-05-2004 12:56:42
Thanks for the info and time spent on producing docs MA

Jeroen van Brakel -
24-05-2004 08:35:08
Have just completed a roundtrip france. Used your great site as preparation. Only comment that on A/A you can use English without any problem ( own experience )

Hans Meijdam - hmeijdam (at)
27-04-2004 00:13:37
Just to celebrate your 1 year Guestbook anniversary. Great site, which I bookmarked and will recommend to the members of our Dutch flying club (Lelystad Airport, EHLE) when they want to fly to France.

Sergio -
26-04-2004 10:39:54
Un site qui mérite d'être vu.

Mo Davies -
19-04-2004 22:19:08
Preparing to fly to france for the first time with "the boss". I haven't found a better site than yours, and may not bother looking after reading yours. Thank you, Mo.

Tony Rae -
23-02-2004 20:52:09
It is a pleasure to read a well setup and informative site. My wife and I fly into France ever year (14 yrs todate).The difference is we go across the pond usually to Calais or Le-Touquet just to clear customs, then after a short break the map comes out and our flight planning is done on the restaurant or cafe table.This all helps to add to the fun of the trip.We have never had a problem with ATC or landing at non radio airfields, it really is a case of practicing good airmanship.All in all it is a pleasure to fly in your country and we will continue to do so for many years.If I can help anybody please just let me know.A very good site keep it up todate. Safe and happy flying.

Mike Godsell -
09-02-2004 01:34:19
Thanks for a most useful site. I made my first flight to France in my French registered Robin ATL last summer. Haverfordwest to Redon (nr Vanne) via Le Touquet and Caen. Everone was so helpful and friendly. Perhaps a French ATL with a "rost beef" pilot was unusual, but people went out of their way to assist me. I certainly look forward to another visit, and your website will really help in my preparations. Many thanks. Mike Godsell.

Grant Wyborney -
25-01-2004 23:49:35
What a great web-site! It answers every question that I had before I found it, and it is replete with suave, rich French wit and charm. Magnifique!

Marchesseau alain -
16-12-2003 00:28:44
I am very happy to find this great site, it is very good job and i think i go to create a link with my aeroclub (pons-avy)website.during the summer we have some flights with european tourists and pilots.Whith your work Thierry it will be easy to welcome our visitors. merci one more time

Susan Burgess -
19-11-2003 22:07:39
I am an English pilot who now lives in France(near Limoges) I have a CPL and a FI(restricted) rating and I am hoping to teach flying in France in English as my French is not fluent yet.Your site has been a terrific help to me THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!

susan burgess -
19-11-2003 22:03:32
I am an English pilot who now lives in France(near Limoges)Ihave a CPL and a FI(restricted) rating and i am hoping to teach flying in France in English as my french is not fluent yet.Your site has been a terrific help to me THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!

Alan Williams -
30-10-2003 22:04:37
Sincere thanks for this wonderful and useful information. I rented a Robin DR400 and an Instructor from Aeroclub De Caen early in October and gave my 80 year old father a view of all the D Day beaches like he never saw in 1944. Thanks to this site I shall certainly go back for more but hopefully next time in a G reg aircraft.

Martin Cadman -
28-08-2003 16:51:39
Really helpful!! Having just spent 3 weeks flying in southern Africa, where you get info from ATC (if you can contact one), this is fantastic.

Karl-Alfred Römer -
17-08-2003 21:41:50
Very helpfull website. Would be nice if every country in the world would provide us with a well structured information-plattform like this.

Ebbo -
24-07-2003 22:32:23
Hi, a nice website, helpful for a Tour de France flight. A+

Julian Harris -
23-07-2003 22:30:33
A brilliant witty resource on flying in France which i do whenever I can!

Kathy -
20-07-2003 21:25:27
Very useful & interesting site; I hope to fly to France sometime soon & I am sure the info you have provided will help.

Jim h -
15-07-2003 22:57:47
Great site, your insight into our insecurity is wonderful. ( I know that's too many words with in in) as an almost GA virgin in La France it explains so many things. I love to travel in France sur le moto, and two GA trips from uk have been a superb experience.

ziggy -
01-07-2003 23:03:04
Merci, pour ton esprit et soin. Je suis telment heureux d'avoir trouvé la site, elle est pas ennuiante comme la plupart des autres sites. C'est comme si on parle avec quelqun. Très bien fait!

Nick -
11-06-2003 11:49:17
Great site - well done. Real practical advice -its helping me plan my flight down to Cannes this summer. I now know how to deal with the restricted airspace that previously worried me. Keep it up!

Kevin Payne -
28-05-2003 14:53:53
Superb site, so much helpful info, does anyone know of an italian site thats similar? Keep up the excellent work.

philip brown -,uk
21-05-2003 18:14:52
very usefull sight, as soon as I've finished building my RV9 I'm going to vissit my cotage in air!

Lawrie Day -
15-05-2003 20:15:57
A great site for those who appreciate the value of flying in France and meeting our friends in the smaller airfields. Please keep it updated.

Pedro Mosquera -
06-05-2003 16:46:10
very nice web Thierry!, good job ;-) I have learned to fly in Usa, I'm looking for experimental velocity for rent, but there are no velocitys available in Spain, do you know if there are some in France available?? thanks vm b4hand, Pedro

Dean Dunn -
01-05-2003 17:41:19
Great site Thierry, keep up the good work. For anyone contemplating flying to France for the first time, dont! Just do it. It's easy and much more laid back than the UK (and cheaper).

Peter Stevens (Heli PPL) -
01-05-2003 14:44:48
Well done. This site is well structured, and compiles a lot of good information which is otherwise difficult to compile. I fly very regularly in France and the alps and can confirm the relevance of the information. Fly save, Peter Stevens

TThierry -
26-04-2003 09:40:50
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