Nice places


My aim, here, is to give a few hints about a few places where it might be nice to go with an aircraft. This list is not a comprehensive one, and I will add new destinations when I can.
Of course, mountains and coasts are what is most spectacular from the sky, no need to say. There are other items, however, worth a trip or at least a little detour. Here are a few of them. Click on them to know why I advise your going there.

Notice : some of the airfields I evoke here request radio in French. Always check the AIP.

Les Vosges and l'Alsace La chaine des Puys
Les Chateaux de la Loire La cote d'Azur
St Malo Carnac
Aix / Chambery St Cyr l'école
L'ile d'Yeu Corsica
Verdun & D-day beaches ??
Chateaux Cathares Dune du Pilat

To know more about what you can visit in France: Official Tourist Office web page. Michelin green guide on line.

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