L'Ile d'Yeu Ile d'Yeu


What is nice here, apart from the fact that this is an island, is that it is a small island. 30 minutes walk from the airfield to the main city, where you'll be able to rent a bike. Then, you'll be able to tour the whole island in an afternoon. A very nice way of spending time, which I experienced myself not so long ago. No extraordinary monument to visit, but a lot of beaches, creeks, an opportunity to eat near the harbour, with the smell of the ocean. I enjoyed it very much.

This island is located in the Atlantic Ocean, SW from Nantes.
Be careful, no gas on the island. At week ends, the parking of the airfield may be very overcrowded. If you file a FPL to go there (you should), don't forget to close it when you are there. A phone cabin outside the aeroclub has a special phone enabling you to call the BRIA and close it for free.

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