St Cyr l'écoleChateau de Versailles


This airfield is one of the closest to Paris, and although I told you that flying near Paris was not a good idea (lot of A class airspace, very busy airfields, easier to reach and cheaper with a commercial flight...) you just want to go in this area all the same.

Among all the airfields surrounding Paris, St Cyr is special because, in the pattern, you will fly over the Park of the Versailles Castle. (You won't be as close as on this picture, however.) You may not have the opportunity to enjoy the view very much because you'll be very busy integrating into the pattern among many other aircraft. But your passengers will like it and tell you afterwards what it looked like. :o)

Of course, there is much to see in the area : the breathtaking castle, worth travelling half the world to visit. Paris....

If you're to follow in great men's footsteps, you may want to try and land in le Bourget, where Lindberg landed after he crossed the Atlantic Ocean for the first time. The airfield is rather meant for jets than for SEP, and so are the landing taxes, though. There is an air museum (Musée de l'air) beside the runways with interesting planes (Concorde for example). Unfortunately, nothing to be compared with the Smithsonian.

The weather today in Versailles :

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