Les Puys La chaine des Puys

In the middle of France are located old mountains : le Massif Central. In this area are several (I should say many) ancient volcanos. From the sky, you will perfectly be able to see their craters.

These volcanoes are called "les Puys". You will find most of them West and SW of Clermont Ferrand, and all around the "le Puy" city. Around Clermont are the largest volcanos you'll find in France. Clermont is not a really beautiful city, apart from the curious cathedral made from black volvic lava. It might even been a little over rated in the Michelin green guide since it is the historical capital of the Michelin company. However, there are several nice places around, including spas.

Le Puy is a more interesting city. It is really surrounded by many volcanos, some of them very small. Almost every hill is a Puy.

The weather today in Clermont Ferrand :

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