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Corsica is really a beautiful island. Check your favorite tourist guide to find things to see there. (Bonifaccio, see right pict...) The most beautiful feature of Corsica, in my opinion, is not man-made, but the island itself. Just go and see.
Also note that some inhabitants prefer to be considered as Corsicans rather than French.

There are several airports in Corsica, but one especially worth mentionning is : Propriano. The runway almost ends in the sea, and beaches are just a very short walk Don't miss the sunset.

Be careful when flying from the continent to Corsica. Often, the water crossing must be made with no horizon at all, because of mist. Aeroclubs along the southern coast of France don't allow their members to go solo to Corsica if they haven't first made the trip with an instructor. Quite often visibility is in haze or virtual IMC requiring flights on instruments. Be prepared for that.

L. CastaLaeticia Casta
L. CastaBe also prepared for other hazards you may encounter in the island... if you're lucky. You must certainly know a Goddess when you see one. This one is Laeticia Casta and I'm sure that Boticelli would have made a fine picture out of her. She was raised in Corsica, and still lives in her little village when she's not travelling the world as the French number one top model or, for several years now, as a successful actress.
Not strictly flying-related I guess, but won't you forgive me?

The weather today in Corsica :

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