Les Chateaux de la LoireChambord


The Loire Castles were built almost at the same time by the French Kings, according to the rules of architecture imported by François the1st when he came back from Italy : la Renaissance.

Many of them are famous and worth a visit. Chambord (see pict.), Blois, Chenonceau, Amboise where Leonardo da Vinci lived for a long time and died, Azay le Rideau... Choose in a tourist guide which ones you want to visit. But several of them are also worth seeing from the sky. Chambord and Chenonceau would come first in my opinion. But they are very close one from the others, at least in a plane. So why not tour all of them?

But be careful : you will probably not be the only one to have such an idea if the wheather is good, and around the castle, it would be wise to keep an eye in the sky, looking for other aircraft.

Several airfields in the area : Blois, Amboise... To get a comprehensive list use Nav3000

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