Aix/Chambery Lac du Bourget


Le lac du Bourget is the largest lake in France. It is located in the northern Alps. The Aix/Chambery airport is located on the opposite side of the lake (if you consider the picture above) with the runway pointing directly toward the lake. Therefore, the final approach (or takeoff) is directly over the lake, surrounded by mountains. A really great experience. You're likely to visit the Alps, so indulge yourself this pleasure.

Chambery is a nice city, but not extraordinary. Same thing for Aix les Bains.

AnnecyIn my opinion, the nicest city in this area is Annecy, a little north of Aix. There is also a lake there (see left), but unfortunately, you don't overfly it when you take off or land. Annecy airport is threatened by neighbours complaining about noise. So abide strictly to noise abatment procedures.

Of course, in this area, there is much to do if you like hiking. By plane, you're not far from the Mt Blanc, the highest Mountain in Europe. (4807m). Other forms of flight are possible (gliders, paragliders...)

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