Carnac is located in the South of Brittany. The place is famous for the thousands of megalithic stones you can find there, perfectly aligned. But seeing these alignments from the sky will give you a unique opportunity to see how long they are, and how many stones are involved.

Near Carnac, there are a lot of things to see from the sky:

  • a lot of other megalithic sites
  • the "Golfe du Morbihan", with its hundreds of Islands,
  • Belle Ile, a beautiful island with an airfield and even gas! The island is too large to go to the main city (Le Palais) walking, but a bike renter comes and fetches customers for free at the airport. Just ask. Beware the LF-D zones around Belle ile, they are training zones for the navy pilots.
  • the wonderful coast line
  • Lorient
  • A castle (Sussinio, East of Carnac. - thanks to Olivier Mace for reminding me its name.)
  • The Quiberon "presqu'ile". You should try to land and take off from the airfield located at the end of this peninsula. The runway points toward the sea, and almost ends in the water. (Just a road and a beach between the thresold and the fish). Final or take off over the sea guaranteed. Moreover, in summer it is a great place to sit at the small bar on the airfield and watch aircrafts coming and going. If you intend to stay in Quiberon, by coming by plane you'll avoid the traffic jams blocking the peninsula. Walking into town will take about 30 minutes. (Taxi service being sometimes a little unreliable.)
    The difficult part in landing there is that you're supposed, in short final, to keep looking at the runway, and not to ogle the good looking and half naked wenches lying under your wings on the beach.

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