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Here a few hints about what your trip might cost you:

Generally speaking, if you come from the United States, you're likely to wonder how people can afford so expensive a leisure. Everything will seem expensive to you : rental rates, gas....

On the contrary, if you live in the UK, you will probably think that flying here is a little less expensive, easier than in your country.

I'd be interested to know how flying in France compare with other countries. If you're Italian, Spanish, Germain, Dutch, Swedish, or usually fly in an other country, please mail me information about this topic.


We have a lot of airports which don't charge any landing taxes to light aircrafts. However, most airports do. Usually, those taxes are under or around 10 euros. Few charge more than 15 euros. But if you're unlucky enough to land in Nice for exemple, you'll have to pay more than 120 euros. Better to land in Cannes, see "Airports".

If you land at night, using runway lights, you'll pay of course more. Same thing for parking, altough several airports include several hours of parking (up to 24 hours) in the landing tax.

If you fly IFR, in an aircraft lighter than 2 tons (2000kg), you won't pay any en route tax to Eurocontrol.


The price of 100LL vary from one airport to an other, of course, but not so much. It is very unlikely that it'll be worth landing in a place just to fill the tanks. The saving will be wasted during the approach, landing , take off, and climbing. The only exception : if you're an English pilot, you may want to stop on your way in Jersey or Guernesey, where gas is really much cheaper than here. But as you know, Jersey and Guernesey are not France, so that I won't say anything more about this opportunity, out of topic. ;)

In France 100LL averages 1.7 to 1.9 euros a liter. But gas, like anywhere alse, increases drastically these times.

In little airfields, expect to have to pay cash.



Planes, helicopters, see details in the "find an ACFT" page.


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