Airspace above FL115FL300



At and above FL195, the whole airspace is rated A. No VFR there. To impress your friends, you can tell them there is a small exception to this rule : la fenêtre de Lure. This small area located above the de Lure mountain, in the southern Alps, is used by gliders for wave flights. Depending on meteorological condidtions, the zone can be activated. But you are very unlikely to use it yourself, unless you're a very experienced glider pilot.

FL115 - FL190

At and above FL115, (and under FL195), all airspace is class D. There are two important exceptions to this rule : most of the airspace at this level located above the Alps and Pyrennean mountains is rated E instead of D. The corresponding areas are depicted on the relevant charts.

Entering this D airspace may be a problem for a VFR flight. Too many controllers deny them the right to enter it with no real reason. In the northern part of France, a NOTAM forbids completly VFR flights in this airspace, turning it in an unofficial class A airspace ! I hope this information won't be up to date any longer when you come.

Oxygen and hypoxia


I remind you that above FL100 in France you need an oxygen supply or to be in a pressurized aircraft.

Airspace under FL115